Magento — the best choice of online store management system

12-09-2019   Learning Lightning

LiteGo offers a simple organization of accepting payments for online stores on Magento via a particular extension. Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. If you are still in doubt about what platform to use for an online store, we will tell you about the benefits of Magento.

LiteGo is in the fintech companies catalog of Ukraine!

18-07-2019   News

14 companies operating in various fields of application of distributed ledger technologies and cryptography have already entered the catalog of fintech companies 2019. They are: PAYTOMAT, BITFURY, LiteGo, coinloan, InBase, TRUSTEE, Kuna, ATTIC LAB, Distributed Lab,, BlockchainLab, GEO Pay, HighCastle, BTCU.

Theory and practice: how to choose a wallet for the Bitcoin Lightning Network

17-04-2019   Learning Lightning

Choosing the best Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet can seem like a daunting task often faced by members of the crypto community. There is still no single wallet that contains all the options and requirements of users with different goals and levels of training. This problem is rightly called one of the most important, delaying the mass adoption of the Lightning Network. When you have decided on your strategy — trading, investing or storing, — you will surely ask yourself the question: which wallet to choose? To help you figure it out, we tested the top 8 wallets that are being talked about in the community and prepared a review.

Lightning Network Technology: trendy, fast, safe and inexpensive

21-02-2019   Updates

Any online business is associated with the risk of not getting money for the services provided or the goods sold. Many companies face problems when a dishonest client makes a chargeback, a dissatisfied user leaves because of high fees, and the time of transactions exceeds any permissible terms. We offer you a simple, understandable and convenient payment acceptance system for your services.

No FUD with LN: hardiness, certainty and trust. Take the Torch

12-02-2019   News

Breaking news! took part in the global flash mob ‘Take the Torch: Satoshis from people to people’. Many Twitter users have already described flash mob as a global event popularizing the Bitcoin Lightning Network.