Lightning Network Technology: trendy, fast, safe and inexpensive

LiteGo — accept Bitcoin Lightning Network payments on your website!

21-02-2019   Updates

Some time or other, the owner of any business providing online services is faced with the choice of a payment system with lower fees and larger guarantees. Whatever your business is — online store, insurance, MLM, auctions, dating, telemarketing, telecommunications or information services, and more — it is first of all important for you to incur lower costs and get more guarantees.

Any online business is associated with the risk of not getting money for the services provided or the goods sold. Many companies face problems when a dishonest client makes a chargeback, a dissatisfied user leaves because of high fees, and the time of transactions exceeds any permissible terms. We offer you a simple, understandable and convenient payment acceptance system for your services.

LiteGo is ideal for your business if:

  • you plan to scale your business and accept international payments;

  • you have a high risk of chargebacks (the reversal of a prior outbound transfer of funds from a consumer's bank account);

  • you do not want to have your own antifraud department or outsource any;

  • if a user and recipient anonymity is important to you.

Our service is a payment system based on the innovative Lightning Network protocol. 

The main advantages of our payment system:

  • payments irrevocability. Payments acceptance in bitcoin provides the ability to commit non-refundable transactions. The client will not be able to request money back in the form of chargeback. The decision on whether to return money for an allegedly undelivered service is not made by banks, but you, after considering the arguments and evidence yourself;

  • possibility of micropayments. Payments with Lightning Network allows you to send and receive any amount, even if we are talking about thousandths of a cent;

  • transaction speed. In the Lightning Network transaction confirmation takes less than a second;

  • minimum fees. 0.1%. Lightning Network transactions are much more profitable and cheaper than card transactions with dollars or any other currency;

  • no dependence on banks or any financial institutions;

  • no need to set up and maintain your own Lightning Network node online: the integration is simple and clear, you will have detailed instructions;

  • anonymity.

► How does it work?

⇒ Integration will not take a lot of time. First, you should fill a short registration form. After logging in, you can easily, in just 4 steps, add a new payment method to your website using the plugin for WooCommerce. You can also use a simple but feature-rich API, that is available in 4 languages. After the payment module is integrated, the Bitcoin Lightning Network will be added to your website in the payment methods section. Clicking on the button a client will see a pop-up window with the generated QR code and the address of your account in our payment system. Further, the client can make a payment transaction from a crypto wallet supporting Bitcoin Lightning Network technology. Bitcoin will be credited to your personal account after the payment is made. You can withdraw funds from your personal account at any time, perform exchange operations, settle accounts with counterparties, etc.

► Why us?

⇒ Because we have a convenient and understandable service with fast integration using ready-made modules for most e-commerce systems.

► What guarantees?

⇒ We can offer you cooperation with the conclusion of a formal agreement, as we are an officially registered company and have been operating in the European market for 2 years. The main guarantee is the ability to customize the automatic daily settlement. You can integrate the module, add a button, set up payments and make withdrawals yourself without an intermediary.

► How to get the service?

⇒ Contact us, if you need additional advice, you have questions, suggestions or comments. Just register on the website and try free payments in the test network.